Parish of Polyeuktes

The Covenant of Michael's Tabula lies within the Parish of Polyeuktes, an area that was short on funds before the sack of the city on 1204 and now suffers hugely as it struggles to reform. St Polyeuktes itself is a church that has been used a source for newer churches for many years and the crusaders spared it not at all when they sacked the city, taking what ever was left of value, but at least sparing it the desecration that was visited upon so many other places of worship.

The Parish sees over a number of struggling churches in an area that is still mostly ruins.

People of Note

  • Bishop Orris – Head of Parish of Polyeuktes
  • Archdeacon Geoffrey of the Church of St Polyeuktes
  • Deacon Adam of the Church of St Polyeuktes
  • Father Peter of the Church of St Polyeuktes
  • Brother Theodric of the Church of St Polyeuktes
  • Father Michael – Head of the church of St Beroniki
  • Father Guthrie - Priest at the church of St Beroniki – DEAD
  • Baron Hugo – Crusader Knight from Germany


Parish of Polyeuktes

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