Michael’s Tabula


Michael was a famed magus of Thermakopolis and the leader of the Jerbiton magi that ultimately failed in their effort to defend Constantinople. During that covenant’s destruction, he was the last to die, heroically, in its defense. On his death bed, he, his surviving apprentice Petros, Wilrich of House Flambeau, and four other magi ( including the players) pledged their lives to the city’s defense and swore never to abandon it to the invaders. The oath of these magi was recorded on a tablet of stone, after which this new covenant was named. The surviving magi retreated into the city’s catacombs — some bitter and thirsting for revenge, others praying devoutly for deliverance — where they established new sancta and hid away their remaining magical resources. Michael’s Tabula was formally founded in 1207, at the first Tribunal after the fall of Constantinople in 1204. It is part of the Propontian Phyle.


The covenant is centered around an abandoned mithraeum (a worship site associated with the Mithraic Mysteries) beneath the Church of the Holy Apostles, which has a Magic aura of 3. The magi have converted the mithraeum into a rudimentary council chamber, and have ceremonially placed Michael’s Tabula (the stone tablet) atop the former altar. They have established underground laboratories, some of which are shared, in nearby chambers. New stone walls, erected with the aid of their patron, bar all entrances to the covenant; they can only be navigated by magi in possession of magical keys. Only trusted allies are admitted to the underground site. Other visitors may be received in one of the various city residences where the magi discreetly live.

(A Mithraeum is a Mithraic temple, erected in classical antiquity by the worshippers of Mithras. A Mithraeum was either an adapted natural cave or cavern, or a building imitating a cave. When possible, the Mithraeum was constructed within or below an existing building)


The covenant is fairly small, providing a private room for each of the Magi and a common room for companions. There is a small kitchen and attached common hall large enough to seat 15. The other rooms are the Lab, the library and the altar room of the mithraeum , which is locked and magically sealed. 

Covenant Patron

Retreating into Constantinople’s catacombs in 1204, the founding magi discovered a mysterious entity who protected and assisted them against the marauding crusaders — a powerful humanoid figure made of rock, rising out of the ground. The magi of the covenant named it Fylakas (“guard”) and took it as their patron spirit, but have not yet managed to communicate with it at length. As a result, they know relatively little about it. 


Michael’s Tabula retains the largely disorganized but fanatical feel of an underground 
resistance movement. Council meetings are often heated and chaotic, but the magi ultimately pull together around their common cause. However, opinions differ as to how cautious or bold they should be in acting against their city’s Frankish rulers. There are some in the Theban Tribunal, including the Quaesitores, who tend to view the covenant and their possible meddling with suspicion, but this is outweighed by a greater number who hold sympathy for their cause. . Every year or two, a Redcap arrives with a generous donation of money and books, but this mysterious sponsor chooses to remain anonymous. 


  • Present "leader" – Petros of house Jerbiton - Estimated Age: 35-40  (Apparent Age: 11) 
  • Wilrich of house Flambeau – Estimated Age: 50+ (Apparent Age: 43)
  • Yestin Ap Llewelyn  of house Jerbiton - Estimated Age: 25+ (Apparent Age: 25)
  • Player
  • Player
  • Player


  • Library

    • Corpus :: Summae level 15, Quality 16 - On the Repair of Damage to the Muscles, Organs and Other Fibres of the Body 
    • Imaginem :: Summae level 13, Quality 14  –  The Nature of Vision
    • Faerie Lore :: Ability Summae Level 6, Quality 13 – Goblins of Thebes
    • Divine Lore :: Ability Summae Level 5, Quality 17 – The teachings of Saint John Chrysostom
    • Magic Theory :: Ability Summae Level 7, Quality 20 - The Early Writings of Bonisagus.
    • Spell Laboratory Text :: Aegis of the Hearth ReVi30, p.161
    • Spell Laboratory Text :: Lungs of the Fish MuAq(Au)20, p122.
    • Spell Laboratory Text :: Ward Against Heat and Flames ReIg25, p.143
    • Spell Laboratory Text :: The Shrouded Glen ReMe40, p.152
    • Spell Laboratory Text ::  The Welcome Stranger CrMe 15 MoH p.140
    • Spell Laboratory Text ::  To Sing of Good  Meat And Drink CrMe 25 MoH p.141
    • Casting Tablet ::  Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch CrCo20, p.129
  • Lab (MnF Awkward Shape ; MnF Damaged ; MnF Defective Lighting ; MnV Well Insulated ; MnV Well heated ; MnV Lesser Horde )

    • Magic Aura ::  3
    • Size  ::  0
    • Refinement :: 0
    • General Quality ::  -2
    • Upkeep  ::  +2
    • Safety ::  -3
    • Warping ::  0
    • Health ::  0
    • Aesthetics :: -1
    • Specialiization :: 2 Ig, 1 Te
  • Vis

    • Column of Flagellation –  Each Easter (Spring) the Column bleeds and the blood can be collected to provide 4 pawns of Terram vis.
    • Emperor Justinian I Tomb – While looted and the corpse desecrated, the tomb still grows a small amount of moss that can be harvested each Summer for 2 pawns of Corpus vis.
    • In a nearby garden a small rose has survived the boots of the crusaders, in autumn as the petals fall they can be harvested  3 pawns of Herbam vis.
    • The guano deposited by bats in the covenant itself yields 3 pawns of Auram vis every year. Virtually all of it needs to be collected to get the vis.
  • Vis Stores

    • Cr 0, In 0, Mu 1, Pe 0, Re 1, An 1, Aq 1, Au 2, Co 2, He 2, Ig 1, Im 2, Me 2, Te 4 , Vi 1
  • Other

    • Silver – 50 pounds (5 build points)
    • Disks of Light (Six – One Each)  When the word “lumen” is spoken, light pours from the disk. This illuminates an area about ten paces deep as if it were in normal sunlight. <u>ReIg 15: R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual. (Base 5, +2 Sun). </u>


Michael’s Tabula

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