The Legion of Mithras

The Legion of Mithras as you understand it and have been taught so far.

The Legion is a mystery cult, meaning that while not secret its' membership is not advertised or known.  To outsiders the Legion is looked upon as a potential source of trouble. A group that stands forward, when a more sensible Magus backs away.  

Today’s Legion maintains its role as an association of those who have served and are devoted to the protection of the Order of Hermes, although even those who have rarely performed Hoplite duties (as part of that group or on their own initiative) are welcomed if their loyalty, bravery, and honesty are matters of public repute. Outstanding moral qualities are required by the Legion; whereas Christianity accepts that all men are sinners, the Legion’s pagan roots emphasize extraordinary moral virtue rather than penitence, exuberant and heroic living over humble confession of guilt. This stress on great virtue leads to a tendency toward pride, overconfidence, and a rather black-and-white view of morality, with little patience for those who would indulge in morally ambiguous or deceptive behavior. The Legionnaires are not fools; they don disguise, and hide their purpose from those they are investigating or seeking to confront if such is required to fulill their role, but they do their utmost to protect the innocent, and do nothing to hurt the Order they love, honor, and serve. 

The greatest enemy of all mankind is Cain. He can not be slain, he can only be slowed, restrained and deprived of sustenance. His spawn can be slain , and must be , where ever they are found. His spawn are not legion, they are with number, but Cain creates lesser spawn and servants as the need strikes him. 

Before you are initiated into the first rank you will need to undergo two rituals. A quest and a season of deprivation and hardship.

The Legion of Mithras

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